We are
BA International

BA International is a wide global network of Accounting, Fiscal, Advisory and Legal Firms. We also advise on applied technology and strategic process planning. Our members, who have been carefully selected within the professional, commercial and international fields, have good knowledge and experience, and can offer any solicitor the best quality services in foreign markets.

Our network makes it possible for our clients to improve their competitive position, with a reliable access to the main markets around the world. We eliminate whatever uncertainties are implied when dealing with intercultural and political differences abroad, as well as with unknown fiscal and/or legal systems.

BA International works in order to improve global positioning of enterprises and/or entrepreneurs who wish to do so; it offers access to a wide spectrum of services, industries and companies in the most economically active countries around the world.

BA International is a response to globalization and the increasing complexity in the business environment. Thanks to our cooperative arrangements we accomplish to meet organizational objectives by collaboration instead of competition. BA International improves your company´s competitive positioning in the global field by offering access to a comprehensive spectrum of services and industries around the globe. We take away the uncertainty to deal with intercultural differences and unknown judicial systems.


Why chose BA International?


ur Network is made up of accredited enterprises in their respective fields, with more than 10 years of experience, and with a solid and ethical trajectory, hence offering reliable services, which generate better results in the short run. We have a strict recruitment policy, as well as a partner and associate admission policy; all our Members must comply with a series of requirements, previous to their incorporation to BA, with the purpose of ensuring the best quality of any service. We select experts who have passion assisting, supporting and taking care of their clients’ demands, and our work team is built with professionals who are really compromised and talented, and focused on results.

Global Network


reas included in our network are Central and South America, as well as Europe.