Through its staff members, BA International offers a wide network of professionals and experts in accounting, fiscal, legal and advisory services. This makes the access of local expert work teams possible, and they are ready to assist any firm’s needs and give immediate solutions. The group’s members are all professionals who have the necessary expertise in order to reinforce businesses all around the world, at competitive costs, as well as to eliminate any concern companies’ may have due to cultural, commercial, legal, fiscal and/or political differences.

Accounting Services

When operations take place across borders, the business language must be the same one when used to analyzing processing and transmitting financial information within an organization at a global level. For businesses and firms, whether big or small, high quality and reliable financial information is essential in order to measure results when managing their economic activities fluently. Our team members give a high-standard and experienced assessment throughout the different development and growth stages of any business and/or enterprise.

Advisory Services

Our personnel provides different kinds of assessment services, whether commercial, fiscal, auditing, legal or accounting, in order to improve the performance of a company in the desired market, by facilitating and carrying out efficient operations in markets that are unknown for their clients (firms).

Fiscal Services

The complexity and dynamism that go together with development and globalization of the world’s economy, and the various contracts that are implicit, require of a permanent and continuous actualization and study of the several alternatives that become possible when firms are trying to optimize financial and tax resources. Our members (firms) are committed to guide their clients throughout the labyrinth that local taxing laws may imply, and to determine the fiscal payments of each and every client, hence find solutions, taking into consideration fiscal regulations that are to be applied in specific circumstances at any moment. 

Market Development

When a specific market in the process of development, it entails specific commercial, marketing and distribution strategies for that same market, and one must keep in mind the whole cultural, legal and infrastructural in it. Our Network is conformed with local specialists in a market who work in the marketing, sales, distribution and logistic departments, what allows a efficient and profitable promotional, commercial and distribution operations of products and services offered in a country.